About Lalli Bros Express Ltd.

Lalli Bros Express Ltd. is a Surrey BC based Canadian Trucking and freight company. Lalli Bros Express Ltd. is the premier provider of regional and national freight hauling services. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality service, while maintaining a safe and reliable transportation network. Our team of professional drivers, loadmasters, and office personnel are dedicated to providing our customers with the best experience possible. Our goal is to provide our customers with the lowest possible cost of transportation, while maintaining a high level of service.

Our Transportation services are fully secured and covered.


Lalli Bros Express Ltd. Trucks

Lalli Bros Express Ltd. has emerged as a leading international truckload carrier in Canada and the United States of America. By blending the latest trucking and transport technology with the traditional values of quality services, on-time delivery and responding to the needs of the customer, our company has become the service carrier of choice. All those years of work and dedication Lalli Bros Express Ltd. has made their name in the International market as the best trucking company.

Lalli Bros Express Ltd. is the reliable source for all your trucking and transportation needs. We can handle all kind of loads where its a dry trailer, thin wall trailer, heated trailer or any size and weight. We can manage your load and can deliver it anywhere in US and Canada.

We have our own Truck and Trailer insurance; therefore, we got you covered, you don’t have to worry about the load. Your load is in safe and secure hands.

Why Choose Lalli Bros Express Ltd. as your Transportation Provider?

A successful company is measured by more than just the bottom line; it’s also about performance, service and relationships. Lalli Bros Express Ltd. has set high standards in each of these areas, and we make it our business to keep raising the bar. With our experienced team connecting every link in the supply chain, you are free to focus on your core interests while leaving the heavy lifting to us. Let Lalli Bros Express Ltd. help you reach your goals.

Trusted and Reliable Trucking Company

Lalli Bros Express Ltd. provides clients with reliable and flexible transport solutions, delivering goods safely and on schedule.

Service Quality

We are committed to a proactive approach to understanding and meeting specific client needs, ensuring reliable service no matter the job size.

Modern Transport Fleet

Investing in and maintaining a modern fleet ensures a high level of service and flexibility for our clients.

One Pallet Through To Thousands

Catering from small to large scale freight requirements with the proven ability to service a wide range of clients

Leaders in Logistics

As a premium provider, we are an Industry leader in providing transportation services to Western Canada & the Continental US.

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